Students selected for Delaware Futures participate in a wide range of activities, year-round throughout high school. Activities are designed to prepare students for college, and include: Academic Enrichment, Adventure-Based Learning, Community Service, Internships, Group Meetings and One-on-One Advisory. To find out more about each of these areas, click here.

The students support each other in regular group meetings where they discuss common hopes and difficulties, build team identity and work on student-initiated projects. Workshops are focused on academic improvement, social issues, environmental concerns and wellness.

The Delaware Futures staff works with high school guidance counselors to advise students about course selection, test-taking and the college admissions process. We also provide general counseling and outside agency referrals to students and their families to strengthen their commitment to the program's goals.

How Students Are Selected

Because this is a four-year commitment, the selection process is careful and comprehensive. Teachers and guidance counselors recommend students. Prospective students first attend an information session, then participate in a home interview. Academic record, civic-mindedness and the desire to attend college are the primary criteria for admission to the program.

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